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Which town of Springfield is the most dysfunctional?

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Homer_lOh, it’s ON. 20th Century Fox has announced a competition among all the Springfields in the U.S. (Did you know there are more than 30?). The burg that can prove it’s most like the fictional Springfield will host the Simpsons Movie premiere on July 26, one day before its official release.

So far, Springfield, Ill. has made the most convincing case to me: There’s a donut factory there, and we  know that Homer really likes donuts. Fine, it also happens to be my home state. But still. Donuts.

This whole thing is pretty weird — Fox shipped out huge boxes of materials including yellow paint, a guidebook  on how to draw Simpsons characters, a can of Buzz Cola, and items with “Kwik-E-Mart” emblazoned on them. Locals are supposed to submit a three- to five-minute video showcasing their municipality’s comic level of dysfunction. It’s a fun idea, but seems like a lot of work! <a href=”http://www.springfieldcityhall.com/COS/index.php?eID=tx_cms_showpic&file=uploads/pics/office_staff_azell_031_01.jpg&width=800&height=600m&bodyTag=&wrap= | &md5=110770f65dde6144b5f619e5fbebc261″>Look at these people in Springfield, Mass. That one guy on the left doesn’t seem so into it. He’s like “Why do I have to deal with this box?”

You tell us: Which Springfield should win, assuming more than one of them actually completes a video?