Marc Bernardin
May 25, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We grade the latest movie trailers

The Bourne Ultimatum
I’m all for seeing Matt Damon back as the amnesiac killing machine, but when the trailer’s big kicker is the same exact ”Bourne is calling Joan Allen… from right across the street!” gag from The Bourne Supremacy, my faith is a little shaken. B

Bee Movie
Not as brilliant as those teasers that had Jerry Seinfeld and friends in bug suits on huge sets, but it’s still pretty charming. The bit with the Seinfeld bee ramming into the window — I could watch it all day. They should put it on a loop. B+

The only bad part of this sweet, sweet spot is that you just know that by the end of the summer you’re gonna hear frat boys and Wall Streeters alike adopt ”I am McLovin” with the same insufferable gusto with which they latched onto ”sexy time.” A

The Golden Compass
It’s got the requisite epic sweep and heroic derring-do. Nicole Kidman looks appropriately devious while Daniel Craig looks wonderfully unshaven. But points off for so shamelessly trading on our Lord of the Rings nostalgia. B+

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