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What do you expect for tonight's 'Office' finale?

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Jenna_lI don’t know if I’m quite ready for this Office season to end. This kind of snuck up on us, no? Maybe The Office is a lot less obnoxious about hyper-promoting its THIRD TO LAST, SECOND TO LAST, and LAST episodes a la Lost… or maybe I’m just watching the wrong channel… duh, Annie.

Last week, America’s favorite cooking spray/downtrodden secretary Pam (pictured) had me bawling. Tears! At The Office! In the words of Top Model contestant Dionne, What the hell? What about Pam sets me off so? It happened at her art show, too. I shed nearly a shot glass’ worth during that one. Is it Jenna Fischer’s delivery? Her tragic character? Predilection for magenta terrycloth? Everyone’s been flipping out about how Pam suddenly became honest last week. I think she’s always been honest — she just barely ever opens her mouth, and when she does, it’s almost always in reaction to someone else’s problem (or prank). Anyway, I wasn’t feelin’ the love for a long time. Now I’m back. It may have been the Modest Brown Bikini Top Tease ’07.

What do you think will happen on tonight’s hour-long wrap-up? The most obvious solution is to somehow get rid of Karen. There’s no K in Jam (but if you look in the middle of that word, there’s an A); plus, Rashida Jones is in Fox’s new cop show The Rules for Starting Over this fall. I’m just trying to figure out how they’ll swing this. Having Karen win the NYC job over Michael seems too easy. So I’ll rephrase: Which compromising position will Karen find Jim and Pam in to make her run away? My guess: their 6,593rd shared flirtatious eye-dart. It’s always the 6,593rd that sets you off.

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