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Snap Judgment: CBS' fall lineup

Hugh Jackman’s ”Viva Laughlin” looks good, while youngsters creating a society for ”Kid Nation” could go either way. As for vampire drama ”Moonlight”…OK, we’ll say it: We fear it might suck

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Robert Voets

EW continues its look at the broadcast networks’ upfront lineup announcements with a peek at CBS’s fall shows and our snap judgments on what to expect.


Viva Laughlin
At least it’s not a procedural. What it is: A gambling story-slash-musical set around a Nevada casino. Think semi-regular Hugh Jackman as a big-shot moneyman, crooning ”Sympathy for the Devil.” Based on the BBC series Blackpool, Laughlin might be quite strange, could be awesome, but will certainly be memorable.


You’ve got to appreciate a vampire who doesn’t wear the usual gothic frills and leather. But this bland, crime-fighting bloodsucker (Australian Alex O’Loughlin), sporting V-necks and a puppy-dog eyes is so uncharismatic he’s asking for a quick stake in the heart.


Kid Nation
Forty kids have 40 days to create a working town without parents, slopping latrines, sharing cooking duties, and assembling a government. The best citizens earn gold stars worth $20,000. Quite appealing for those who want to see today’s hyper-nurtured kids get some real-life work under their belts. But watching a bunch of 8- to 15-year-olds weep and snap under the stress is a bit unsettling. It all depends on how it’s ultimately handled: Kid Nation could become an addiction or an exploitive mess.