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How old are the 'Idol' finalists' song choices?

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Melinda_lMelinda has taken a lot of heat on this season of Idol for choosing “old” songs over fresh, young material. I’ve made the complaint myself on several occasions, but over the weekend, I started wondering if I was being fair to the show’s “resident pro” (as Randy has taken to disdainfully calling her). Well, after a morning of Amazon-ing and Google-ing, adding and dividing, I’m pleased to report that I’ve got some hard numbers for you, PopWatchers. I tallied the average year of initial release for the 10 final songs and three semifinal numbers performed by Melinda, Blake and Jordin this season, and not surprisingly, Blake ended up with the youngest average song (1983) followed by Jordin (1981), and finally Melinda (1971). What’s especially interesting is that Blake managed to claim the “most youthful” crown in spite of the fact that he performed the single oldest song of the final three, “Mack the Knife” (initially released in 1925). On the flip side, Melinda gets stuck with the “Oldie Oldenstein” label even though her cover of Bon Jovi’s 2005 hit “Have a Nice Day” is more recent than anything Jordin or Blake has tackled. How do ya like them apples?