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Just my luck: A federal investigation one week before my premiere

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Moore_lMichael Moore’s under investigation by the US Treasury Department for bringing ailing 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba during production of his upcoming health-care documentary Sicko, which takes the American healh-care system to task. According to the Associated Press, Moore didn’t complete the necessary paperwork before “engaging in travel-related transactions involving Cuba.” (Side note: That quoted portion of the sentence sounds like something I’d say if I was hazy on the topic, which I usually am when it comes to the government and/or Cuba.)

In a statement today, Sicko producer Meghan O’Hara insisted that “the efforts of the Bush administration to conduct a politically motivated investigation of Michael Moore and Sicko will not stop us from making sure the American people see this film.” Clearly they won’t stop you. They can only help!

I bet Moore sits around dreaming up the most perfect unintentional-publicity scenarios possible. Then they all come true, and he continues to sit around, saying things like “No comment” while blissfully stroking his apparently now stubble-free chin. Is he just lucky, or is he pulling the strings himself?

addCredit(“Michael Moore: Stephen Lovekin/WireImage.com”)