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A Moment of Non-Celeb Related Blogging

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Goat_lI’m not going to lie, I spent any free time I had yesterday looking up all of the bad video phone images of Lindsay Lohan’s night out in the ladies’ room at Teddy’s. Good stuff! And here is another truth: Getting paid to look at celebrity pictures for a living is fun. Awesome, even! But after eight years, I just wanted to research something other than television, film, music, and other pop culture related things that I do on a full-time basis.

Thankfully, I had a chance to head out in search of some non-celeb related imagery, and this is what I came up with: a goat on a rock! Okay, the photographer’s description says it’s a Dall sheep, but it looks like a goat to me. Let’s take just a quick moment to look at this adorable animal and think of something non-media-related. Just a minute. Let it all go. That goat is smiling at you. Oh no, that made me think of Brian Fellow

Okay, now back to what’s really important: celebrities making spectacles of themselves…