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Writer-costar Ken Marino readily admits that he drew from such angst-driven classics as Breaking Away, The Last Picture Show, Diner, and Five Easy Pieces. Unfortunately, he forgot to add much originality to his own Diggers, an overly derivative tale of Hunt (Paul Rudd), a restless thirtysomething longing to escape from his blue-collar seaside town. Hunt, of course, has three stock characters for friends: the druggie-philosopher (Josh Hamilton), the local stud (Ron Eldard), and the foul-mouthed but ultimately soft-hearted family man (Marino). Even the seemingly original setting — the dying days of independent clam digging in 1970s Long Island — is nothing more than a variation on Picture Show‘s small Texas town or Breaking Away‘s Bloomington, Ind. There are a few perfectly realized moments — Hunt and sister Gina (Maura Tierney) going through the belongings of their recently deceased father — and some decent performances (Hamilton’s a hoot as the stoner) but they’re not enough to save Diggers from drowning in a sea of cliché and familiarity. EXTRAS The Higher Definition episode with Rudd and director Katherine Dieckmann contains the same information (Rudd describes the film as ”a love letter to my dad and growing up”) as the duo’s amiable commentary track, but in a much livelier, and shorter, format. C