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Are we driving Keira Knightley out of showbiz?

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Knightly_lKeira Knightley wants to quit acting, and not just because she had to wear this outfit (pictured). Frustrated by negative media attention and horrified to learn she’s a role model for anorexics, the Pirates 3 star told Elle, “I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether… I’m just not so hungry any more. I made a decision very recently that I wanted a life instead.”

I think she should quit. I personally love looking at her face on a screen, but there are DVDs for that. The girl should do what she wants. Look at her face in this photo. She’s had it! One of these parties has to give up, and we know one of them never will. You may find Knightley’s comments bratty, or wonder why her entitled ass gets to complain. I say, kudos to her for showing some semblance of a brain. I wish there were more Hollywood puppets who don’t live to slut it up for the gross old guys running after them on the street. Besides, maybe there’s room for her naturally thin self on Johnny Depp’s private island, or in Dave Chappelle’s Ohio farmhouse. 

What do you think? With Alec Baldwin* and now Knightley threatening to quit acting because of media pressure, is this the only solution? Will the paparazzi ever let up even a little, or are they just doing fans’ bidding? And if so, isn’t the public’s own voyeuristic interest at least partly to blame for making stars want to chuck it all?

*Could anyone besides me not get through Baldwin’s voicemail out of sheer disgust that you were listening in on his voicemail?