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Raise your glass to Danny DeVito's marketing savvy

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145952__devito_lWhen life hands you lemons, make limoncello. Give Danny DeVito (pictured) credit for finding a way to turn his embarrassing, liqueur-fueled appearance last November on The View into a profit center. Instead of apologizing for overindulging in the citrus cocktail behind those six minutes of train-wreck TV, he’s marketing his own brand of limoncello. We applaud Mr. DeVito and hope other celebrities learn from his example. After all, rehab-averse chanteuse Amy Winehouse really ought to have her own wine house. Similarly, Mel Gibson should brand his own tequila. (“It’s Apocalycious!”) And Rush Limbaugh could market his own OxyContin and Viagra. (“Talent on loan from Pfizer.”) The possibilities really are endless…

UPDATE: Great marketing minds think alike. The Sopranos now has its own limoncello drink. It’s a soda, so even 12-stepper Christufuh can enjoy it.