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What's the most annoying song ever?

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Fergie_lIt’s a small world, after all, PopWatchers, and on this little blue marble there are things called songs, and a lot of these songs are annoying as all hell, and WNBC.com just ranked the 22 most annoying among them. (Hat tip to our NSFW pals at Stereogum for the link.) The, er, winner? Yep, the catchy theme park ditty “It’s a Small World (After All),” by the great Mary Poppins team of Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. Whatever. Annoying, sure, but, whoa, it’s no “My Humps,” by the great obnoxious team of Fergie (pictured) and her fellow Black-Eyed Peas. And, jeez, “My Humps” isn’t even on the list. Filling out the rankings instead are a lot of unimaginative picks from the likes of Barry Manilow, Billy Ray Cyrus, the Spice Girls, and Barney the purple frickin’ dinosaur.

Good God, I know we can do better. So what would your top picks for the most annoying song of all time be? And let’s get creative, people. Forget about Hanson and the Baha Men. Too easy. I’m thinking more along the lines of Michael Jackson’s “Ben” or Madonna’s “Erotica.” Or, I dunno, Ravel’s Bolero. Hell, even some of the greatest acts of all time have had some truly annoying clunkers. I was just listening to the Beatles the other day and realized that “Your Mother Should Know” is just, like, three lines repeated over and over again. McCartney, you slacker!