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Spot Inspection: 'The View'

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View_lIt’s been a few weeks since I last tuned in to The View, so I thought I’d try to catch it this morning in the hopes of witnessing the start of a new Rosie feud, or at least a meltdown from the Hasselbot. Sad to say, however, I saw none of the above. Whoopi Goldberg, sitting in as guest host alongside Ro, Joy, and Elisabeth, dominated much of the conversation during a dull-as-dry-toast edition of Hot Topics, taking a full three minutes to do an infomercial for L.A. Weight Loss (she’s lost 43 pounds, by the bye), then rambling on about Imus-gate and concluding the fired shock-jock should’ve been suspended for a year and forced to teach a class at Rutgers. Alrighty, then! Next, a discussion of the study linking cellphones to the disappearance of North American and European honeybees led Joy (whose red, white, and gold, diamond-patterned shirt caused a strange rippling effect on camera) to the conclusion that cellphones and air conditioners are destroying modern middle-class life — and I think she was only partially joking. Oh, Rosie, why so quiet today?

A visit from Sigourney Weaver, there to promote two new films (The TV Set and Snow Cake), resulted in a photo finish for worst interview question — I’ll let you make the call:

1) Joy: “You were funny in Working Girl, too, when you played that same type [of character as in The TV Set]. You’re very good with comedy and drama. Very good with both. You can do either!”*

2) Elisabeth: “Do people still associate you with Ripley from the Alien films?”

addCredit(“The View: Steve Fenn”)

Finally, the closing credits featured a whopper of a double-entendreafter Rosie thanked Whoopi for filling in on the panel, and Whoopi saidshe was always happy to do so.

Joy: “Do you love to come?”
Whoopi: “I do love to come!”
Rosie: [Suggestively.] “Yes she does. Who doesn’t?”
Whoopi and Joy: [Howling.]

Oh, PopWatchers, far be it from me to complain about getting paid towatch television, but it’s gonna take an extra mojito tonight to washaway that image.

* Technically not a question, but we’re going to count it assomething designed to elicit an answer from Weaver, despite its totallack of success.