EW Staff
April 20, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

For reasons known only to them, people who get paid a hell of a lot more money than you do have decided the best way to make an UNDERDOG movie is by using a real live dog. Somewhere, the creators of Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties are laughing. And then crying (Aug. 3)…. Julie Delpy cheats on her Before Sunrise/Sunset costar Ethan Hawke by mooning around with Adam Goldberg in 2 DAYS IN PARIS (Aug. 10)…. BRATZ: the title and target audience (Aug. 10)…. A stutterer joins the debate club and falls in love in Sundance fave ROCKET SCIENCE, and once again, the word quirky sits at our feet and begs to be used (Aug. 10)…. Why on earth would you want to see what is, at first glance, a totally unnecessary Daddy Day Care sequel called DADDY DAY CAMP? Is ”Fred Savage, director” something you might be interested in? (Aug. 10)… Step 1: Go see the documentary THE KING OF KONG, about champion players breaking the high scores on classic videogames. Step 2: Call Mom, yell into phone, ”You told me there was no future in Q*bert! WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME?!?” (Aug. 17)… Kevin Kline plays a Texas cop on the trail of sex traffickers in the decidedly un — Kevin Kline-esque TRADE (Aug. 31)…. The ’80s rears its fluffy, ursine head under the guise of Care BEARS: OOPSY DOES IT!, a computer-animated movie introducing a squeezable new character named Oopsy Bear, whose totally adorable tummy symbol is — wait, who gives a fudge? (Aug. 4)… Mr. Bean goes on holiday in Mr. BEAN’S HOLIDAY. What? You were expecting some sort of deep dramaturgic analysis there? Can you really not see that entire movie in your head already? (Aug. 31)… J. Lo plays a newspaper reporter. Antonio Banderas plays an editor. Together, they investigate brutal murders in Juárez, Mexico, in BORDERTOWN. Fans of sexy dancing are likely out of luck (Aug. 31).

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