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Madonna has an army

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Madonna_lRemember those stories last week about paparazzi in Vietnam throwing things under Brangelina’s car? Well, similarly orphan-fond mom Madonna appears to have taken steps to avoid a similar situation: When she visited her kid’s Malawian orphanage yesterday, the building was circled by schoolchildren who threw rocks at the paparazzi to keep them away.

I’m not sure if this constitutes an official response on my part, but: hahahahahahahahahaha.

Okay, there is no way to know if Madonna had a hand in organizing that army of rock-pelting kids, but I sure as hell like her better if she did. Not that I’m advocating violence. And not that Madonna doesn’t actively cultivate publicity through her actions. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone’s innocent in this scenario. Maybe we should blame the gossip rags that pay top dollar for grainy photographs of famous people in private situations? Or maybe we should blame ourselves for caring in the first place? (Wait. Am I part of the problem? Quick! Pretend this post doesn’t exist!)

Weigh in, PopWatchers: You’re in a glass house and you each get one stone to throw. Where’s it going?

addCredit(“Madonna: AFP/Getty Images”)