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Party on, Ben. And party on, Jerry.

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Queen_lFat Bottomed Girls and boys, listen up: In honor of Queen and a supreme pun, Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor will be… Bohemian Raspberry! To rev up for this important blog item, I just listened to “Bohemian Rhapsody” on full blast and decided that a wuss-ass dessert like raspberry sorbet totally wouldn’t cut it for me, or Queen. The flavor had to be more passionate, multilayered, and generally brilliant, and it definitely needed an ingredient that would classify as “chunk.” Turns out it’s not a sorbet. Lo and behold, this flavor will have fudge brownies. Which is nice, but it’s exactly the same as the UK’s limited-edition flavor Glastonberry, minus the part about “mud.” (Also, it would be nice to know whether the flavor will be made available stateside. Hello, Britain? We like Queen too. Also BROWNIES.)

GET THIS: Bohemian Raspberry is already the name of a Jones Soda, a green tea, a cocktail sugar, a level in the video game Cel Damage, and one woman’s secret cake.

CHALLENGE: Try alternating “raspberry” and “rhapsody” out loud, “toy boat” style. I only made it to 5.

ADDENDUM: After seeing which photo of Freddie Mercury we’d use for this, I am trippin’. Look at those hot pink lights. RASPBERRIES.

addCredit(“Queen: W. Heilemann / Camera Press / Retna”)