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Diary of a Man Who Now Just Drinks a Lot of Powerade?

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Ozzy_lAgggggghhhh! It’s Friday the 13th! Oh look I’m over it. But just for fun, what’s the spookiest evidence that the world might be turning upside down today?

A) Ozzy Osbourne’s new album Black Rain will be the only one he’s ever recorded while sober. (Fun fact: Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album was released in the UK on Friday, February 13, 1970.)
B) A Charles Dickens amusement park will open on 4/20, perhaps appropriately considering the first five words of this sentence, in Chatham, England.
C) Conservative pundit/Dancing With the Stars reject Tucker Carlson will host a game show about trusting strangers.

So tell me:

  1. What’s weirder?
  2. Who wants to go with me to Dickens World? (I’m serious.)
  3. Who in their right mind trusts strangers? Trust me, I don’t. Like what I did there?