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And the winner of the pathetic soundtrack obsession contest is...

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Yesterday, I challenged you guys to confess to your most pathetic soundtrack obsession… and oh my God, did you ever make me feel good about myself.

So who wins?

Well, I can’t give it to Jer (A Guy), because he’s already got the Hope Floats soundtrack, as well as Practical Magic and Forces Of Nature (“I believe that puts the Bullock trifecta into play,” he wrote. “Check your tickets to see if you’re a winner!” Only winner here is you, Jer. Just you.) And while I think McGee and Sheila may now be soulmates based on their love for the Good Burger rap, there’s way too much ironic kitsch value there for it to be truly pathetic. I feel sorry for anyone who rides in CeballosNight At the Roxbury-pumping car, but I remain unconvinced of his geekdom.

No, there can only be one winner:

Adam875 — “How about making tapes of the Star Wars soundtracks so that they’d be in exactly the same order as the music in the films?”


Thank you everyone for your stellar participation. And Adam, I’ll bein touch. Meanwhile, if you didn’t get your confession in yesterday,why not go ahead and spill it now?