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'DWTS': Leeza is not not going

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Leeza_lShe brought up “dangling chads” and Dreamgirls as a last-minute attempt to… I’m not sure what, exactly, but anyway, Leeza Gibbons and Tony Dovolani made their grand exit from Dancing With the Stars last night. Even though I’m not sad about this (her arms reminded me of toll booth gates), I’m sure a few people are — but rest assured, there is no better way to leave this competition than brutally cut off by (preggers!) Samantha Harris and half-draped in pleather. Other highlights of the night included a sharp focus on penis imagery (especially balls, hard, fitting it in, and juggling), Carlton Banks, Len saying “rrrrrrrrhythmic hips,” and I’m sure there’s something else I’m forgetting…

OH, YEAH! Drew Lachey, back in da Psychedelic Hizzouse of Sparkles and Waning Dreams. Since Big and Rich were performing, it was easy enough to guess that Drew would show up to re-dance “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” with Cheryl, but did anyone expect him to spring from the shadowy confines of the band itself and then leap over Cheryl’s (seated and a few steps down) head?! Drew continues to exhibit a rare, unrelenting passion for such a ridiculous show, and for that, I think we need to salute him. Holla, Drew! You have lovely skin. NICE TATS.

What do you think? Should Clyde Drexler or John Ratzenberger have been booted instead of Leeza? Oh, puh-leez. Uh.