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DVD-Sniffing Dogs Lucky and Flo: The Movie!

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Well, Dalton Ross beat me to it in his Glutton column this week, but I would be a bad blogger if I didn’t give a shout-out to the DVD-sniffing dogs the US Government has lent indefinitely to Malaysia. They’re cute, they’re fluffy, they fight crime, they’re being targeted by bounty hunters… I smell a screenplay!

Let’s get this film treatment knocked out by the end of the day, PopWatchers. If they can make Air Bud compelling, this should be a snap. So: Who are Lucky and Flo? Are they purebred? Are they pound puppies? Were they abandoned by their mean redneck owner and rescued off the side of the highway by a kind-hearted ATF agent? What did they like to sniff before they sniffed counterfeit DVDs? Flowers? Drugs? Are they recovering drug dogs? Did Flo secretly want to be a seeing eye dog, but she didn’t want to leave her brother’s side because she has abandonment issues? What kind of bounty hunter goes after dogs, and is there any way to write Boba Fett or Dog the Bounty Hunter into the movie? Etc. You get the idea. Now write, my pretties. Write like the wind!