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Rating Bravo?s reality shows

We give our take on ”Manhunt,” ”Project Runway,” and others

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Rating Bravo?s reality shows

With hairdo battle Shear Genius debuting April 11, we survey the network’s unscripted oeuvre.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
(July 2003)
The world meets the Fab Five, and straight men everywhere finally learn the importance of window treatments and moisturizer.

Blow Out
(June 2004)
Who knew ladies’ locks could be so absurdly emotional and dramatic? Jonathan Antin showed that even big boys do cry. Over their hair-care products.

Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model
(October 2004)
Cemented Bravo as the gayest network on TV (sorry, Logo!), but was as vapid as the models.

Project Runway
(December 2004)
One of the all-time best reality shows has spawned catchphrases (”Make it work!”) and several inferior rip-offs (e.g., Bravo’s own Top Design).

Shear Genius
(April 2007)
Jaclyn Smith looks fabulous while hosting this coiffure competition, but is there anything more boring than watching people cut hair? (No.)