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Easter Weekend Sacrilege Roundup

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Mimperioli_lWhich is (or will be) the most blasphemous?

A) Easter Sunday’s debut of The Sopranos (Christofuuuuuuuuuh, pictured, wants you to get caught up on all the immorality right here.)
B) Coca-Cola halts production of an Italian movie in which Jesus drinks a can of Coke in the desert. I don’t get it… don’t Italians love Jesus? And Coke is way more refreshing than holy water. Shouldn’t this be a win-win?
C) Helen Mirren’s elevator scene in The Long Good Friday. It won’t move unless you press the button, you know. So press it.
D) I find all of the above so appalling that I think I’ll head over to EW’s evergreen Jesus gallery instead.

Let us pray.