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For Sale: 1982 Trans Am, with prissy voice, as seen on TV

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Kitt_lAnybody got $149,995 to spare? KITT’s up for sale, PopWatchers! And, let me tell you, I’ve always coveted David Hasselhoff’s talking 1982 Pontiac Trans Am from Knight Rider. I remember once convincing my mommy and daddy to take the family to Universal Studios in Hollywood so that I’d get to sit in the souped up car for a few minutes — they argued that there were better ways for me to spend my 30th birthday, I begged to differ. Anyway, point is: I’ve gotta have it. The car, apparently one of four that was actually used on camera in the show, has been restored to its Reagan Era glory. And while it may not actually be legal to drive on the street (thanks to emissions standards and, I don’t know, that rockin’ red light on the hood), I’ll be the envy of all the kids on the block. Don’tcha think?

(Okay, in all seriousness, dude! A-hundred-and-fifty-kay for a car that doesn’t even drive and wasn’t even really that cool when we were five years old? C’mon.)

addCredit(“Knight Rider: Everett Collection”)