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Who will mourn these shows?

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Degrees_lThe networks continue to make announcements about the fates of your (least?) favorite shows, and Variety‘s got a new list of final decisions, few of which come as any big surprise.I’ve got no problem with NBC’s choice to yank Black Donnellys, or with Fox calling off Wedding Bells (I was actually the only person who liked The Wedding Album, the show that was yanked pre-season and retooled into Bells). And while I had great hopes for ABC’s Six Degrees (pictured), the opportunity to see Campbell Scott and Hope Davis on my television every single week was clearly too good to be true — and the show was too bad to put up with.

Slightly sadder is the second death of the resurrected 7th Heaven, Aaron Spelling’s final show. Sure, it probably should have died with the WB last year. And no, I never watched it. But there was something reassuring about its continued presence out there. Much like church, I just liked knowing it was an option. The good news there, though, is if the CW (pronounce it “Kwuh”! it’s fun!) doesn’t have space for the Camden family, that means their fall development slate is pretty decent.

Anything about this news bringing you down, PopWatchers? Or are you still holding out for the big(ger) announcements, about shows like Friday Night Lights? And what, exactly, do you think is taking NBC so long to make that decision?? (Mitch Metcalf, I know you are very busy and important, but COME ON.)