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To Care or Not to Care: 'Prison Break' Edition

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123521__william_lHi there! Are you still watching Prison Break? It’s nice to meet you! So am I. And last night’s season finale made me wonder how much longer I’m gonna have to.

No spoilers here, but let’s just break (ha) down the facts: America fell in love with the first season’s high concept, and then immediately lost interest once the boys (and occasional girl who didn’t get shot or kidnapped) went on the run. But I kept watching, because I have abandonment issues. And I was treated to a long, long year of fleeing, shooting, dying, more shooting, more fleeing, some double-crossing, a little torture, and a whole bunch of Bill Fichtner (pictured) playing crazy — which, to be honest, was probably a more persuasive answer for the “why the hell are you still watching that thing” question than anything else.

And now, well, I don’t know what happens next.

Last night featured a bit of fairly predictable exoneration, as well asa bit more double-crossing, shooting, and fleeing. I also got to seeBill Fichtner kill someone with his bare hands, which was AWESOME. Butin terms of compelling reasons for me to give this meandering programanother year of my life? Eh. I’m unconvinced.So, friends who still watch: Are you going to continue? Anyone got anysuggestions for how to help this show reach a tidy conclusion, ideallysometime in the near future? And when will the networks learn that it’sokay to just have, like, one really awesome season of a show and then letit go?