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Strange Bedfellows: Karen O. and Kool Keith

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K_lAs the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup so aptly teaches us, mashing together two disparate things can often create a wonderous new entity. This important lesson can also be applied to pop culture, as proved by the unlikely pairing of Kool Keith and Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the song “Teaser.”

Apparently, “Teaser” was recorded back in 2005 for Deep Throat vs. Lialeh, an album that was to feature artists conducting a “musical-type battle” between the 1974 porn flick Deep Throat and the first major black porn film, Lialeh. Somehow, amazingly, the ambitious project seems to have been aborted, leaving “Teaser,” which showed up on the Internet just this week, as the only known evidence that it ever existed. It’s a great example of “better late than never,” though, and the best thing that Kool Keith has done in quite some time.

addCredit(“Keith: Emily Wilson/Retna; Karen O: Gary Clark/FilmMagic.com”)

Love him or hate him, Keith is a freak, and a prolific one at that,and it’s been difficult to justify searching for the “genius” buried ineach of the increasingly lackluster releases he’s put out since 1997’s Dr. Octagonecologyst and 1999’s Black Elvis.It turns out all the guy needed was the pop sensibility of bouncy indieboho babe Karen O. singing about “wazz… bewwy, straw… bewwy” in herice cream to make his weirdness feel fresh and funky once again.

On the flipside, “Teaser” is the most fun thing Karen O. has done since the Yeah’s first LP Fever to Tell. Mostly, it’s because she only had to sing the hook, so the thin, sing-songy  pop that made Show Your Bonesa bit monotonous (yeah, I said it — it’s like a boring No Doubt record)actually serves as a perfectly sweet complement to Keith’s warped rhymes. As a poster on Idolator so eloquently said of this song, “I’m not saying it’s the f—ing White Album,but let’s park the high horses and chill out for a second.” It’sdefinitely enough to make me curious for the first time in ages aboutwhat Keith and Karen are up to — or at least keep an eye out for moretracks from the aborted porn battle album project.