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'The Sopranos' in seven minutes

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Before the final Sopranos season kicks off on April 8, check out this rapid-fire compilation of all six years condensed into 7:36! This guy covered pretty much everything important, plus that time Meadow wanted to take a lamp to college. Oh, Meadow. Favorite parts:

  • Repeat footage of Carm kicking Tony out — four times
  • Hot Italian student — “She wasn’t real”
  • Tony’s mom smiles… then dies. “No one cares.”
  • “Still fat”
  • Johnny finds his wife with Twix bars
  • “Meadow dates the goofiest guy in the world.” Really, who was that guy?

The only other part I wish he’d mentioned is when, after the long pre-season 6 hiatus, we found out Tony and Carmela had joined the suburban sushi bandwagon in full force. “Can I get another sake?” Can you think of anything he left out? (I was clearly grasping for straws there.)