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The spandex fashions in ''Blades of Glory''

Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, and Amy Poehler reflect on their favorite goofy looks from the film

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The embarrassing bulges, the blinding sequins: We’ve all giggled over the costumes that Olympic figure skaters wear on the ice. In Blades of Glory, Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, and Amy Poehler take the sartorial goofiness to triple-lutz heights. Here, the cast reflect on the gold-medal-worthy looks.

This avian look is Heder’s favorite. ”My character [Jimmy] is a peacock. He totally wants to look beautiful and he’s always preening. But the outfit is tight, so I couldn’t have a big lunch.”

”Will and I had a lot of stupid puns — like, let’s melt the ice with our burning fire!” Heder recalls of the Vegas-y outfits that costume designer Julie Weiss created for their characters, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy — the world’s first male figure-skating team. Like the flirtiest Olympic skaters’ ensembles, Heder’s sparkly getup came with a flesh-colored, faux-peekaboo side panel. ”Real skaters love those,” Heder laughs. And these types of touches helped him get into character. ”It was like suitin’ up for NASA! You feel official in those outfits. Will and I always joked that the ice was a leveling ground. We were both out of our element, and in some ways him even more because he’s just a big guy. Skating’s not easy for tall people, and getting on that ice — it’s scary!”

”You really can’t go too far over the top,” Arnett says of Stranz and Fairchild, his and Poehler’s villainous alter egos. Exhibit A: the duo’s gangsta gear, which includes Timberland- and Converse-covered skates and plenty of bling. But wearing denim hot pants was ”rough going,” Poehler says. ”Who wants to put on short shorts first thing in the morning?”