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Scott Brown's Hit List

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Scott Brown’s Hit List

1 Book says Bob Dylan thought the Beatles said ”I get high!” in ”I Want to Hold Your Hand” Of course, Dylan also thought the Beatles were actual beetles.

2 Denise Richards, Pam Anderson sued by paparazzi For making it too easy.

3 Cagney & Lacey DVD back on track Tyne Daly’s fan club vowed to turn MGM’s executive break room into a ”sea of flannel.”

4 Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet to reunite on screen Titanic 2: Undersea Dance Party will be directed by Brett Ratner.

5 Pirates put out hit on DVD-sniffing Labradors Not since the Fidotollah targeted Spuds MacKenzie in the ’80s has there been such a fearful dog fatwa.

6 Celeb chef confesses to feeding Calvin Klein reheated McDonald’s fries To be fair, Klein paid his bill in hand-me-down Fruit of the Looms.

7 Russell Simmons says being rich doesn’t make you happy ”It makes ME happy,” he went on. ”That’s the whole point.”

8 Giant Michael Jackson robotic statue will reportedly be built if his Vegas show goes forward The robot doesn’t do ”the robot” unless you offer to pay its legal fees.

9 Ron Jeremy to host tech-themed Web show Don’t miss his illuminating ”Places My iPod Has Been” series.

10 Doctor warns Tom Jones against further plastic surgery Sang the M.D.: ”It’s not un-u-sual for your face to fall apart.”