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''Survivorman'' reviews ''Survivor''

”Survivorman” reviews ”Survivor” — Canadian wilderness expert Les Stroud judges the merits of ”Survivor: Fiji”

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”Survivorman” reviews ”Survivor”

”When Survivor premiered [in 2000], I realized, this isn’t survival at all. That’s how Survivorman was born. I said, ‘I can go out and survive for real and run the cameras myself.’ My reaction to this season hasn’t changed much. I’m looking at some of this stuff and going, ‘Oh, come on.’ For example, people are complaining they’re dehydrated, yet they’re still functioning, setting up beside the camera for an interview. It’s not right. When [Michelle] started the fire with her glasses, that was very cool. But you still want to jump into the show and say, ‘What is wrong with you people? You should’ve thought of this ages ago!’ One of the biggest mistakes was probably when [the Moto tribe] decided to keep their camp and go to tribal council instead. They’d rather have the comforts and lose a member? If the show were about true survival, they would’ve looked at how strong they were as a group and said, ‘Screw this, we’re not going to break this up.’ I like the challenges, they’re fun, so I’ve got no issues there. I’d sacrifice some of [the backstabbing] footage, and I’d bring in more of the starting fire with glasses.”

Survival skills: D+
Entertainment value: B+

As told to Lindsay Soll