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New developments for ''Indiana Jones''

Cate Blanchett is in, but has Shia LaBeouf signed on too?

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Whether you think 64-year-old Harrison Ford is too old to star in next summer’s Indiana Jones 4 or not, you must admit that Steven Spielberg’s long-gestating sequel just got more interesting. Breaking with his tradition of hiring unknown leading ladies to star opposite Ford in the Indy movies, Spielberg has cast Cate Blanchett in the next installment, due May 22, 2008 — although there’s no word yet on whether the Oscar winner will actually play Indy’s love interest. And while Shia LaBeouf — human star of this summer’s Transformers movie — is reportedly in talks to play Indy’s son, LaBeouf denied he’s been approached to appear in the movie when EW talked to the 20-year-old actor at the ShoWest convention last week. ”It’s a rumor, that’s it,” he says, adding that Spielberg has never mentioned the part to him. ”We haven’t talked about it. And I’m working with him on two projects [Disturbia and Transformers], so it would have come up. It’s just a rumor.”

Is LaBeouf just being coy? Hard to say, as Spielberg and Co. remain mum on details. What we can tell you is that any concerns about how Indy 4‘s star will handle the film’s physical demands should be laid to rest. EW talked to Ford in 2005 on the set of Firewall, where we watched the sexagenarian impressively throw himself around like a pro wrestler shooting the action-filled finale, and again last year, as Ford extolled the joys of what he calls ”physical acting.” ”I’m an actor, not a football player,” said Ford. ”But it’s a part of some movies that I do. I don’t mind doing it, and it looks good on screen.” The actor added that even though there will be stunts aplenty in Indy 4, he’s not daunted by donning Mr. Jones’ fedora again. ”I feel ready,” he said. ”I’m ready.” (Additional reporting by Joshua Rich)