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It also must be a big-fluffy-hair thing

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Howardsanjay_lWhile the folks at Vote for the Worst rejoice at the fact that Sanjaya Malakar now officially has to be part of the American Idol tour, Howard Stern’s jumped on the bandwagon by encouraging people to vote — in jest — for America’s favorite punching bag.

Now, I know this must freak a lot of people out — people who think Sanjaya winning would be a huge disgrace to the purpose of the show. But to me, the purpose of the show is the joke — a huge, fun, hilarious joke that absorbs most of the TV-watching nation, especially those of us who write about it. Daily. No really, every single day. (We know, we know. I personally know.

Idol is an entirely fabricated and controlled mini-universe that manufactures these human products. Past winners have gone on to amazing career success, but must they all?Do we NEED the American Idol to be the one to sell all the records? Whowould it hurt, besides the producers, if the winner was a huge flop? Maybe, just once, we should f— it up!

Who’s with me?

After the jump: More evidence that the joy of Idol is in the joke…

Idol_other_little_girl_lThis poor little thing was another young crying girl in the audienceTuesday night. I happened to catch her seething jealousy — andexcellent launching pad for a long life of resentment — during thecredits. Awww. She doesn’t get to hug the scary robots. I feel prettybad for her.