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Update: TV Pileup Resolved! (Sort Of)

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My goodness, PopWatchers, if you weren’t in a helpful mood this morning. Aside from making the groundbreaking suggestion that I not watch the morning talk shows (whaaaa?), you managed to come up with countless helpful suggestions to resolve tonight’s 8 p.m. network TV clusterfrack! Here are the options for each…

Friday Night Lights: SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS TIME SLOT TO BEGIN WITH, NBC; Should be watched live by all those with Nielsen boxes at all cost, even if you have to train your dog to turn on the TV at 8; can also be seen on NBC’s website tomorrow morning, with an iTunes season pass, or in reruns on Bravo, Fridays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 4. THE BEST SHOW ON TV DESERVES BETTER, NBC.

Survivor: Should be watched live to avoid being spoiled; can also be seen on CBS’s high-quality InnerTube site tomorrow, or via OnDemand. Or it could also allegedly be “let go.” Thank you for trying to save me, Ellipsian… but that’s unlikely.

Bones: Should be watched live because it is strangely addictive,wonderful television; can also be seen on MySpace tomorrow, or a seasonpass could be purchased on iTunes for those who want to see Brennan andBooth exchange snarky-yet-meaningful looks over and over and over.

America’s Next Top Model: Should be watched live to avoid being spoiled; can also be seen in reruns on Sunday night (though its placement opposite Desperate Housewives and Cold Case makes it risky, not because I watch Cold Case but because I TiVo it in case Amazing Racedoesn’t start on time). Or, everyone can read Vanessa Juarez’s awesomeTV Watch, which may be different than mine was but we shouldn’t fearchange, niblets.

Finally, apparently it is possible to have more than one TiVo/DVR. Thatkind of talk will just lead me to madness, PopWatchers, and because ofmy burning desire to not become a crazy housebound person, I’ll goahead and pretend I didn’t know that was an option. Okay. Whew.Disaster averted! Thanks, everyone!