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Who Else Remembers This? (Vol. 3)

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I’ve reminisced in the past over the crayon factory and a llama at the dentist, but this video of an orange singing Carmen just might be my most vivid Sesame Street memory ever. This despite the fact that in recent years, I was convinced that the food in question was either a tomato or an onion. Idiot! Anyway, check it out:

I remember wanting the beginning part, when the young fruit endures the treacherous process of becoming a woman, to last longer — I loved that the orange (which is WAY bigger than anything else in that fruit bowl, like 4x the normal scale!) inherited human characteristics from household items. The Atari sound effects also help. Once the orange drag queen started her song, I remember cringing and/or going into the kitchen to beg my mom for more snacks. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love the segment as a whole. I could definitely hear it from the other room and imagine in my head what was going on. It’s just something that was hard for me to devour as a whole after seeing it probably 200 times.

So it goes. I’m still obsessed with it and can’t believe it’s online. Who else remembers this?!