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Don't let The Man take away Mr. Muggles' Emmy!

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I’m barkin’ mad this morning, PopWatchers! Over the weekend, I caught up on a small backlog of Heroes episodes — in particular, Chapter 17 (“Company Man”) — and was struck by the Emmy-worthiness of one performance in particular: the Bennet family’s prized pooch, Mr. Muggles. Yes, I realize Mr. Muggles is a Pomeranian, but even Heroes‘ producers know they’ve got the equivalent of a young De Niro on their hands. Take that scene where the Bennet residence goes up in flames, and the family huddles together for comfort and safety. Which cast member gets the loving closeup and the stirring (albeit concise) dialogue? Yes… Mr. Muggles! Didn’t his little “Arf!” cut to the heart of the Bennett family’s grief? Didn’t his dark, expressive eyes tell the tale of the American dream exploding in a radioactive blast? (Or is it, as one Heroes conspiracy theorist surmises, that Muggles is the most powerful, sinister hero of all?)

Now, however, it looks like Emmy is changing its rules to derail the inevitable Mr. Muggles Emmy train. Starting this year, nominees in major categories will be asked to submit a 250-word essay explaining their work to voters. Isn’t this counterintuitive to the entire process? Shouldn’t nominated thespians’ finest moments speak for themselves? My colleague Gary Susman suggests that perhaps Mr. Muggles can get a friend to write his essay, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, perhaps? “The Emmy is a fine award… for me to poop on!” Either that or he’ll just have to fill up a page with his delicate, evocative paw prints. Let’s not let this potential injustice go without protest. All together now (as you watch the Muggles tribute video)… slow clap. “Mug-gles! Mug-gles! Mug-gles!”