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Kyle Bornheimer is always on TV

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Kyle Bornheimer is everywhere on TV, yet he’s nowhere on the schedule. The comedic actor — who currently stars in a half-dozen national ads — has done everything from mock the boss during a presentation (Geico) to trigger an ink-cartridge shower by sitting on the Easy button (Staples). Next, he’ll take a fish in the face for Coors Light. Here are three highlights from the 31-year-old’s 30-second career.

IMODIUM (2005)
Boldly going where few thespians would dare, he plays an intense communications officer who’s stationed in the control room of a man’s irritable bowels.
”I added the brilliant improv line ‘Code Brown!’ which I was quite proud of — and also not quite proud of at the same time,” says Bornheimer.

STANLEY (2006)
He defeats his fellow construction worker in a joust involving two tape measures, a dolly, and a wheelbarrow.
”We thought it’d be all special effects, but they put us 30 yards away from each other and said, ‘That’s your target — go after him.’ The first time, I fell off the dolly and landed on my hammer.”

SPRINT (2007)
As a Cingular salesman, he answers ”no” to all questions about mobile broadband coverage with a clueless smile; meanwhile, his Sprint rival is a complete yes-man.
”It was written as just a bunch of no’s, and then we played around with it. There are exactly 58 funny ways to say no.”