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Future romantic comedy queens

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Emily Blunt
As The Devil Wears Prada‘s icy assistant, she gave surprising depth to what could have been a one-note role. So what are you waiting for, Hollywood? Show the girl some (onscreen) love!

Isla Fisher
We already know that the memorable ”stage 5 clinger” from 2005’s Wedding Crashers can do funny. Might we suggest a screwball comedy with her fiancé, Sacha Baron Cohen?

Katherine Heigl
Getting Knocked Up won’t hurt Heigl’s career: The June comedy is from 40 Year-Old Virgin helmer Judd Apatow, and early buzz says this Grey’s doc has quite the funny bone.

America Ferrera
Ferrera should churn out a rom-com or two over Ugly Betty‘s hiatus. Her TV love life already has audiences rapt — imagine how easy she’ll have it without the Ugly brows and braces.