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IMDB Check (Vol. 1): Lisa Nicole Carson

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Ally_lThese days, I don’t think very often about Ally McBeal, but back in the late ’90s — before the series derailed into depressing self-parody — it was my weekly addiction. In fact, I remember coming home from work one fateful Monday night to find that someone had broken into my tiny Manhattan apartment and made off with my TV (among other prized possessions), and the first thought that popped into my brain was, “Gah! I’m gonna miss tonight’s Ally McBeal!” Okay, that’s kind of sad.

But here’s something even sadder. Watching Calista Flockhart on Brothers & Sisters earlier this week, I started wondering what in the world every happened to her Ally co-star, Lisa Nicole Carson (pictured, center, with Flockhart), who so winningly portrayed roommate Renee, then left the series before its fifth and final season, following rumors of difficult on-set behavior. (Back in 2000, she’d been hospitalized for “exhaustion,” but reportedly called Star magazine and told them she was “a superbad bitch.”) I hadn’t recalled seeing the actress in any role, big or small, since, and decided to go to her IMDB page to get the scoop. What did I find? (Crickets.) Not a single, solitary acting credit since the Ally series finale, PopWatchers. Which means this weekend, I’ve been searchin’ my soul, PopWatchers. And hoping our next installment of IMDB Check isn’t quite so fruitlessly glum.

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