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Fowl Weather

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Fowl Weather

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Bob Tarte
Algonquin Books
Nonfiction, Memoir

We gave it a B+

In Fowl Weather, Bob Tarte’s moving follow-up to 2003’s Enslaved by Ducks, the Michigan-based writer faces the loss of — count ’em — three ducks, three rabbits, and one beloved African grey Timneh parrot; his father; and essentially, his mother, who’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. (If you find it strange that we list them in that order, you don’t know Tarte.) In short, Fowl Weather is not your classic feel-good tale. But Tarte’s laughter-through-tears approach is therapeutic and inspirational, especially when he lies defeated on the floor of his childhood home and quips that his parents used to watch ”I’ve Got a Secret on TV or I’ve Got a Secretly Depressed Son.” B+