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EW's ''Grey's Anatomy'' spin-off story ideas

We’ve concocted four different setups guaranteed to turn the show into a fan favorite

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EW’s ”Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off story ideas

ABC is keeping mum on the details of the possible Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, but we’ve concocted four different setups guaranteed to turn the show into a bona fide fan favorite.

Addison (Kate Walsh) leaves Seattle for the sexier but equally humid Miami to start her own private practice. In order to compete with her flashier rivals, the red-haired vixen drops the whole ob-gyn title and instead goes by ”Va-jay-jay Inspector.”

In a brave performance sure to be considered at Emmy time, Taye Diggs plays an L.A. man who can never wear a shirt because his skin rejects all fabric. Addison moves to the City of Angels to treat Diggs for his ”syndrome” and quickly falls in lust.

Frustrated by life in the big city, Addison relocates to Nantucket to work for a small free clinic. While waiting for her luggage at the airport, she bumps into widowed pilot Joe Hackett (Tim Daly) and they embark on a passionate love-hate relationship.

Gay bartender Joe (Steven W. Bailey) enlists an overstressed Addison to head east and open up a nightclub in New York’s Chelsea area. They hire Sandra Bernhard as their resident headliner, and the spin-off becomes the Gayest Prime-Time Show in TV History.