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March 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Bosom Buddies: Season 1

TV Show
Current Status
In Season
478 minutes
Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari
John Bowab
We gave it a B-

Would anyone today want to watch three discs of Bosom Buddies: Season 1, a sitcom that aired more than 25 years ago, if it weren’t for Tom Hanks? Not likely. But there’s chemistry between tall, curly-haired Hanks and the smaller, wiry Peter Scolari (later to costar in Newhart). Buddies had a dubious premise: Two Manhattan guys dress up every evening as gals to live more affordably in a women-only hotel, and to remain in the vicinity of an Unattainable Blonde (the supernal Donna Dixon, later to costar with Dan Aykroyd in life as his wife). But Hanks and Scolari snapped out lame jokes with zesty impertinence. ”Do I look nice?” Hanks asks in drag. ”You look like Stockard Channing,” says Scolari.

Buddies had its solid moments in its first season, mostly because of Hanks and Scolari’s wise-guy timing and the show’s supporting cast, which included the magisterial Holland Taylor as the guys’ ad-agency boss and the late, always-charming Wendie Jo Sperber as a co-worker with a crush on Scolari.

There are no extras, but there’s a prescient moment when the future Oscar winner pretends he’s just won an Oscar: Since Hanks’ character is an art director, he uses a small wooden anatomy dummy as his trophy and gives a mock-humble speech. In a decade or so, that award and his humility would be genuine.

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