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Channel Surfing Moment! (Vol. 1)

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Mark_lThe other night, during my usual glazed-over pre-bed channel surfing hour (GOPBCSH), I came across the Music Choice channel called ’90s. And THIS was on. I bolted upright, which believe me was quite a feat after three Tylenol PM and Doritos. Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack”? Are you kidding me? HELL YES!

The weird thing about this song is that everyone knew all the words… but no one I knew was quite sure what the song was about. Right? Who is this Mack? Where had he gone? (Jail.) Why am I making a variation on the “rock star” hand signal while belting out “Now I’m back to rock the show”? Thanks to the loving airwaves of Chicago’s “Killer Bee, B96,” the Mack was a permanent fixture of my 1997. I still love the little outbursts during the repetitive “Return of the Mack” chorus. (“Oh my God!” “Pump up the world!”) Might I suggest you watch the video? Probably should have used that for the photo, but then we’d have missed out on the “moment” quality of this post. Anyway. Would any of you have flipped as hard as me upon seeing this or am I alone here? And if so, what random ’90s song would put you over the edge?