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Who are you worried about on 'Idol'?

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In today’s episode of EW.com’s new Idolatry webcast (yes, that is a shameless plug), Whitney Pastorek and I discuss our fear that Antonella Barba might sneak her way into this season’s American Idol finals, thanks to the firestorm of publicity that’s surrounded the Internet leak of her racy photos (including one in which she’s pictured on a toilet). Think about it: Antonella’s the only season 6 contestant who’s inspired a public rally — and even though it’s a rally calling for her ouster from the competition, at this stage of the game, even negative publicity is better than none at all.

In my opinion, that could leave Sabrina Sloan (pictured) at risk of getting booted this week, despite the fact that I’d probably rank her in the top five or six singers left in the competition. Short of photographing herself on the proverbial throne and posting the results on her MySpace page, though, I’m not quite sure how the curly-haired contestant can break through the public consciousness. Sabrina received no significant airtime prior to the start of the semifinals two weeks ago, so she’s going to have to live or die on this week’s performance, and not on any three-hanky backstories. I’d love to see Sabrina tackle an up-tempo, pop-rock number on Wednesday, say something by Pat Benatar or Janis Joplin. The woman’s got the pipes to pull it off — and if she’s ever going to prove she can do more than an R&B ballad, now would be the time.

Are any of you worried one (or more) of your favorite contestants might not crack the top 12? And what advice would you give to that person to make sure he or she doesn’t get Barba-ized, or worse yet, Malakar-ed?

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