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Who Else Remembers This? (Vol. 2)

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Since my previous post on the video of how orange crayons are made got such a hearty response, I’m recommending another Sesame Street treasure: “Me and My Llama,” in which a young, quasi-mulleted girl (you’re sure it’s a full-on mullet, but then the coat comes off!) takes her llama to the dentist. Her llama to the dentist. Thanks to PopWatchers Little Lamb and Rebekah for bringing back to mind one of the strangest segments ever:

I still have a lot of the same reactions I did as a kid: Where are her parents? They should fix her teeth instead! Does anyone at Sesame Street care that “me and my llama” is grammatically incorrect? [EMBARRASSING DISCLOSURE AHEAD] I’m pretty sure that at no point did I wonder “Why does she have a llama?” How is that a question I overlooked? Did I assume that if I lived in a big city like her, I too would have a llama? ANNIE!!! GOD. I distinctly remember being at the dentist myself, and peering over my shoulder whenever I was alone in the room to see if there was maybe a llama in the hallway. That’s messed up. And I wonder why I’m weird.

I love the dentist’s voiceover at the end — turn it way up, and you can hear one man saying “It’s a pretty good llama!” and then another saying “Yeah!” Like yeah, no big deal, we’re just two grown men agreeing that the llama whose teeth we just massacred was of fine quality. God I love Sesame Street.