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Trailer Blazer: 'Next,' 'Fracture,' 'The Ex'

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Next_lNext (April 27) What’s up with Hollywood’s recent obsession with people who can see the future? If the mass-casualty-catastrophe-viewing character played by Nicolas Cage (pictured) can really do it, wouldn’t he have predicted that people would laugh at his haircut? And that they’d be annoyed by the redundancy of seeing an actor his age in bed with an actress as young as Jessica Biel? 

Fracture (April 20) Now, this is a recycled concept movie that still manages to look intriguing. (As interesting, as, say, the fact that the trailer plugs Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar win, but not Ryan Gosling’s nomination. Might be worth adding, folks.) Gosling is a hot-shot prosecutor with one last case to try: a man (Hopkins) who killed his cheating wife and confessed to the police. Easy? Not really, since Hopkins’ role appears to be his screwiest since Hannibal.

The Ex (June 16) This summer’s Wedding Crashers? Zach Braff stars as a man whose wheelchair-bound coworker (a scene-stealing Jason Bateman) once hooked up with his wife (Amanda Peet). We note Bateman’s paralysis only because it’s the punchline of the trailer’s two funniest jokes, which we won’t ruin for you here. Jason Bateman as a movie star? Suddenly, I can see it.