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The award for best text messaging goes to... :-P

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Leo_lAs you’re putting the finishing touches on the ballot for your Oscar pool this weekend, give a thought to not only what movie you think will win for Best Picture, but which one you would want to take home that little gold statuette. For me and my unlimited texting plan, that movie would be The Departed. Whereas a movie like Babel telegraphs almost every last plot point (I mean, no one would have thought that anything would go wrong with sneaking those kids into Mexico, would they? Please!), and Little Miss Sunshine‘s characters feel RAZR-thin, Scorsese’s latest uses a clever device as a clever device to actually push the plot along. If you don’t recall how big a part text messaging played for DiCaprio (pictured) and Damon’s characters, give that new DVD a spin. For my money ($5 to the cheese fondue party I will be attending), none of the other movies nominated had an aspect to them that hit so close to home and made the experience of watching it so believable.

Are there things in this year’s Oscar crop that make certain movies hit close to home for you? In lieu of sending me a text, just post a response below (emoticons encouraged, but optional).

addCredit(“The Departed: Andrew Cooper”)