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Help write the upcoming plot twists on 'Ugly Betty'

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Ugly_lMaybe it’s the curse of loving Ugly Betty too much. We’re so protective of our obsession that we critique every quip, every storyline, every guest star. And, naturally, we all think we know exactly what should be happening each and every week. For example, I might ban all storylines involving an HMO, but one of you might think you have the perfect plot twist to make health care seem sexy (or at least like something other than the worst story idea in TV history). Instead of stifling our creativity or boring our significant others with plot twists we’re absolutely positive that Betty‘s writing staff needs to hear, let’s get our thoughts out in the open. Write us your best log line for Ugly Betty and we promise to read every single one (even the HMO ones, but seriously, have pity on us). Best of all, we will choose the top three and bring them to head writer and executive producer Silvio Horta for his feedback. Who knows? Your vision may help shape season 2.