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The Golden Girls: Season 7

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Protected by a veil of camp, old age, and one character’s stroke-induced tactlessness, Emmy-winning The Golden Girls got away with racy punchlines — not to mention puzzling fashion statements — decades before the young’un’s of Sex and the City. Although the plot-light sitcom took a ratings dip in this final year, the seasoned ensemble was clearly at its comedic best: Witness bimbo Blanche’s (Rue McClanahan) piano-writhing cabaret-act-gone-awry in episode 19, pea-brained Rose’s (Betty White) attempt at cracking a mock murder mystery in episode 2, and Sophia’s (Estelle Getty) one-liners versus Dorothy’s (Bea Arthur) acidic wit in every episode. EXTRAS No commentaries, no interviews with guest stars like Leslie Nielsen (as Dorothy’s groom-to-be) and Fred Willard (as an ex-priest–turned–Blanche boy-toy) — not even a card that says ”Thank you for being a friend.” A memory-lane montage — which includes sentimental present-day interviews with the girls, sans Getty — provides a few factoids (originally McClanahan was to play Rose and White was to play Blanche), but the gushfest is superfluous, especially if you caught Lifetime’s 2003 retrospective. But who needs bonuses when you’ve got lines like ”Fasten your seatbelt, slut-puppy, this ain’t gonna be no cakewalk”? A-