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My afternoon with the 'Black Snake Moan' site

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I have just passed an hour with the website for Black Snake Moan, a film that appears to wreak quasi-ironic ‘sploitation on blax and hix alike. In it, Christina Ricci plays Rae, a half-nekkid redneck nympho chained to a radiator. Both radiator and chain belong to Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson), a former blues musician bent on staging a radical intervention. “Why,” he asks, “do you let them mens put they hands on you like that?” Rae has no suitable answer, it seems, because Lazarus keeps her in irons — and, of course, half-nekkid.

So how does one peddle a movie with a premise identical to Interracial Daddy Chain Gang 3, a film I have never watched or even heard of? With a Web game, of course.

Yup, it’s a game where you’re chained to a radiator. Taste reigns in the realm of Web marketing, as the Running Scared Web game taught us. Can YOU get free? If you can push a mouse, then yes, you probably can — it’s an easy, if tedious process, with a kind of nonsensical denouement.

On the other hand, what better way to celebrate Black History Month than by setting race relations back 50 years?