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Catch this week's indie-rock buzz from the U.K.

Queen’s May has an ax to grind, but why live in the past? Kaiser Chiefs’ new one shapes up as a classic, and the NME stereo is shredding to a Brand New beat

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Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage.com

While NME has rightly garnered a reputation for being at the cutting edge of what’s new in British indie rock, there are times when you have to kick back and look beyond the debut Twang single single (which is called ”Wide Awake,” sounds like The Stone Roses having a nervous breakdown, and actually made me weep with happiness on the way to work this morning).

So while exploring the classic-rock hinterlands this week, I came across the increasingly demented ramblings of pube-haired Queen guitarist Brian May on his official website. The crux of his issues seem to revolve around what he calls, ”the death in credibility of the British critic.” Basically, he doesn’t like people in newspapers or magazines criticising — heck, commenting on — his or his mates’ work (for ”mates,” read about new British camp-pop sensation Mika, who strangely seems to sound not too dissimilar to Queen’s old diva, Freddie Mercury). Now, one day, I intend to have a million pounds, and swim the backstroke in my money pit all day long…laughing. When this happens, I certainly don’t intend to scour the media, racked with paranoia, concerned with what is being written about me. If I do, please, someone, rob me or something. I won’t deserve to be that content.

Meanwhile, back on this planet, there’s been loads of exciting happenings going down at NME this week, starting with the return of the Kaiser Chiefs. NME will be ”presenting” the band when they hit the U.S. in April. Their second album, Yours Truly, Angry Mob, sees them striving to produce a classic album in the mould of Blur and Morrissey. Then there’s the start of the two U.K. Shockwaves NME Awards Tours. The Automatic appear to have been repeatedly fighting with fans, and bezzie mates The Horrors and The View have been arrested a few times for…stuff.

In other news, the NME office stereo has taken a hammering courtesy of The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, the excellent new, um, Brand New album, and the new Biffy Clyro record (I thought it was rubbish first time I heard it, but 57 plays later, I’m happy to admit I was an idiot). Meanwhile, I’ve been falling in love with the new album by Canadian hardcore heroes Comeback Kid. It’s brutal, vicious, and very, very brilliant. Everyone in the office, bar me, hates it — but y’know what? It’s a record worth losing friends for.

On that note. I’m off to the pub to talk about Brian May and his weirdo outbursts. By and to myself, obviously.

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