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Living the Americone Dream

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Americonedream_lI like to keep abreast of the ice cream rumor mill, among others (nachos, DVR shortcuts, Henry Ian Cusick), so I am all over the buzz about a possible Ben & Jerry’s flavor to be inspired by… Stephen Colbert! YES! The No Fact Zone blog posted a pic of a (possibly fake) mockup of a flavor called Americone Dream — which looks and probably tastes great, but just in case it’s all a big fat lie, help me come up with some alternate flavor names. Here’s what I got:

  • Baby Ruth-iness
  • Strangeness With Candy
  • Butter Know a District
  • White-Chocolate House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

and my personal fave:

  • Dead Bear Claw

Let ’em rip. Let’s hear it for useless lists!